Wednesday, April 27, 2016


There have been quite a few interpretations of the species the loyal Woola belongs to. Here I've tried to fit it in with the general aesthetic of Warriors of the Red Planet. Your interpretation might vary.

AC: 6 [14]
HD: 3
Atk: bite
Dmg: 1d10
Save: F4
Move: 180' (360' burst)
Special: Tireless, Night Vision, Tracking by Scent, Initiative +2, Run (burst) 3/day

A calot is a ten legged beast about the size of a Jersey cow or small pony. It has a gaping maw filled with three rows of very sharp teeth and an ugly disposition. Its large puppy-dog like eyes would make the creature adorable except that it has a fearsome countenance, and an intimidating physical strength. Its stamina is just short of marvelous being able to travel a hundred or more miles in a day. These successful predators of the martian wastes have been domesticated by some Thark and Warhoon tribes and generally serve their masters much as dogs serve humans on Earth.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Guardians Questions and Errata

Did the Gadget Creation section get rolled into Starting Gadgets (p.48)? I want to make sure nothing is missing.
On p. 49 after the paragraph Building Gadgets for your Friends the next paragraph that begins:

 "Worn Gadgets are..." should instead begin:
Gadget Creation: Worn gadgets are

(These paragraphs contain the additional gadget creation rules that were referenced earlier)

And how does the New Gadgets math work with character that have an Intelligence modifier over 10 (same page)?Yes. What is missing is two-word subhead!

NEW GADGETS math. We adjusted the BAM (base ability modifiers) late in the process so Guardians could accommodate a wider range of superheroes from normal human up to super-duper-man and beyond.
There are two corrections we are considering:
 * change it to -5% instead of -10% per point (which captures the original spirit of the rules)
 * add a parenthetical "(to a maximum -90%)

Will be posting an errata sheet once we get more feedback, so far there hasn't been too many.

Traits like Robotic Body, Computer Brain, Undead, and Super Training are mentioned but I can't find a formal description. Also, are there any modifiers to initiative?
Robotic Body and Computer Mind are not powers but rather the racial traits innate to the Cyborg and Robot origins. That is, the qualities of having an electrical body and a machine mind. Their effects were not spelled out in any one place. Rather, there are several references in the rules to how powers affect characters who have these traits: under Electrical Control, Repair HP, Illusion, EMP, Electrical Shock, lightning, magnetic control, neutralize power, transmutation, and sleep.

Undead is simply a descriptive optional trait you may take for a supernatural character that is included for the purpose of integration with other OSR games where certain characters have special powers against the undead (e.g., clerics, magic items that affect undead, etc.). As it's an optional trait , it has no 'cost'.

I created a Google doc that you can comment on. Here:

April Projects Update

I just got back from Emerald City Comicon, which is rapidly growing and becoming the next go-to convention on the West coast next to the San Diego Comic Con. Gaming had a relatively small representation at ECCC, so I'm looking forward to Kublacon next month. One of the best gaming conventions here in the West.

Last month I announced three books for release in March, which have become releases planned for April, I'm hoping they aren't further delayed and become releases planned for May...

Sketchbook 2016 Gamer Edition: I did put together a sketchbook and had it for sale at ECCC, but I'm still working on the Gamer Edition because I think it is a cool idea. Once that edition is done I'll make them both available on Lulu and DriveThru (and possibly some other online channels I've been considering). All that remains is to complete the stats and descriptions of the monsters, characters, and stuff in the sketchbook.

Mechanized Men of Mars (a Warriors of the Red Planet adventure), probably the most anticipated item is very nearly done. I have one chapter left to refine. Maps and art are all done. This should be done soon.

Beasties. To me this has been the most fun to work on. The art is done, there are about a dozen monsters left to finish the descriptions of. Also some of the goodies in the back of the book need a few additional details. This should be done right after Mechanized Men of Mars.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Random Encounters at your Convention Table

Today's post is a bit specific. Specific to those who have ever tried to run a table at a convention.

Roll 2d6
2. Customer who has been waiting for the doors to open, B-lines it to your table and buys 1 of each of your new stuff. 1-3 in 6 chance they buy an additional copy for their friend who couldn't make it who also loves your stuff.

3. Guy who rifles through every thing on your table, asks tons of questions about each item. Complains about various esoteric things, then walks away without buying anything. In the meantime half a dozen people who were waiting to actually buy something gave up waiting and wandered away.

4. Parent with crying child buys something from your table to pacify said crying child. Child temporarily stops crying. Win, win.

5. Cosplayer asks if you have books/prints/toy of the character they are cosplaying. When you respond in the negative they storm away disgusted.

6. Crowd in front of your table is actually line for the table next to you.

7. Fan of your work comes up, chats with you pleasantly for 1d6 minutes. Buys your newest stuff. Asks politely for signature on items (yes, of course!) and goes on his/her merry way. Posts positive comment on their social media about you.

8. Guy who keeps coming back every hour or so to look at the same book. Last second of the last day of the convention he runs up to your table to finally buy a copy. Asks if you can give him a discount.

9. Clueless person who has no idea what your products are about inexplicably buys your most expensive items. Walks away happy.

10. Apparently homeless guy who hasn't had a bath since ever hovers around your table. Lynyrd Skynyrd's "That Smell" comes to mind. No customers for 2d6 minutes.

11. Popular cosplayer comes near your table. Photographers surround her taking photos. Various people gather round. Blocks visibility of your table, no sales for 2d6 minutes.

12. Customer B-lines to your table, excitedly tells you how much they love your work, eventually realizes they mistook you for someone else. Awkward pause, then they walk away. 1 in 6 chance they buy one of your items out of pity, it will be the cheapest item at your table.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Judges Guild Deluxe Edition

I recently helped Goodman Games to layout a compilation of classic Judges Guild material into a giant deluxe edition. My interest in Judges Guild goes back to the very first experiences I had with Dungeons & Dragons. I went to a local bookstore in Tucson Arizona back in 1982 after I first learned about D&D to get some of the books. In a back corner they had a stack of Judges Guild material, but none of the TSR stuff. I was a bit confused as the only D&D books I'd seen at the time were the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Red Box (Moldvay) set. These books didn't look quite like what I was searching for.
Years later I came to understand that they were Judges Guild publications and (to this day) kicked myself for not picking up any of those books!
I got some good fortune recently when Goodman Games asked me to do the layout for an EPIC Judges Guild book that compiled the first publications and the classic adventures that Judges Guild did before Adventure Modules even existed! This was like delving into the very earliest days of RPG gaming at the dawn of D&D history. I got access to those earliest publications of Judges Guild in incredibly high fidelity scans. I want to say this book is an old D&D fan's dream. These are the books I missed out on in my youth, and am getting to enjoy and appreciate now.
Goodman Games started a Kickstarter to fund the publication of this reprint of classic Judges Guild material. I have the fully laid out book on my hard drive and can't wait to get the print edition. This book is massive and monumental. I hope you are as excited as I am to back the Kickstarter!

Friday, March 4, 2016


Some exciting news from DMsGuild today. Wizards of the Coast has added Ravenloft as one of the worlds you can create content for. Ravenloft has long been one of my favorites of the classic D&D worlds ever since that first module came out. I've had some ideas for interesting adventures in that setting for a while, maybe I should consider publishing them now. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing what creative things people come up with for this.

In related news Mike Schley makes fantastic maps, and his Ravenloft maps are some of the best. Go check them out!

Mike Schley: Curse of Strahd &emdash; Curse of Strahd; Land of Barovia (Digital DM & Player Versions)  $1.75